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Home Care Agencies vs Independent Caregivers 

March 4, 2022

Deciding to seek home care for a loved older adult can be difficult. There are many options available, and it can be hard to know which is the best choice is for your family. This blog post will compare Home Care Agencies vs Independent Caregivers to help you make the right decision for your needs.

Long-Term Care While Aging in Place

When an individual needs assistance with daily personal care tasks, they enter the world of the long-term type of care. This is not always medical treatment. These are helpful services to meet their specific needs over time, like bathing, using toiletries and clothing such as shoes/coats, etc.

On the other hand, some may require long-term assistance with such tasks as housekeeping, taking medicine, paying bills, shopping for food, and cooking meals. While both Home Care Agencies and Independent Caregivers provide care at home, we will be exploring the pros and cons in this article.

Home Care Agencies vs Independent Caregivers

Home Care Agencies

Home Care Agencies are Trustworthy

The first benefit of a home care agency is that they are trustworthy. You’ll find that quality home care agencies provide training and licensing for their employees. Above all, Caregivers are handpicked and selected by the agencies.

Their qualifications are verified before hiring in-home caregivers, and the agency does a background check. Additionally, if you or a family member is passionate about caring for the elderly, your local home care agency can help you become a paid caregiver.

Home Care Agencies Provide Personalized Care

The second benefit of a home care agency is attentive Elder Care. Some elderlies have chronic health conditions that require careful one-on-one attention.

In-home caregivers implement the senior’s diet restrictions by preparing meals for them. They also make sure medications are taken on time. The daily schedule is tailored around their preferences, and care plans are scheduled to suit their mobility and limitations.

Home Care Agencies’ Caregivers get due Training and Insurance.

Yes, agency in-home caregivers are trained and insured. Every caregiver must complete training courses and meet the requirements of the Community Care Program recognized by the Illinois Department of Aging. All in-home caregivers receive mandatory tri-annual training.

To help ensure the safety and well-being of our clients, agencies perform a criminal history background clearance. We even cover each caregiver with general liability and workers’ compensation insurance.


Home Care agencies will take care of handling payroll and schedules. In addition to this, they handle any unwanted situations and resolve conflicts if any arise. You are never left guessing if your caregiver will show up, and there is no risk of having to replace one. You can always count on your caregivers to be professional, accountable, and trustworthy.


Homecare services are often government-funded, and care recipients have no control over who their caregiver is, how frequently they visit or when it will happen. In most cases, Medicare/ Medicaid clients need ongoing care. This type of care requires frequent requalifying of this service because of its time limits.

In addition, there are set levels of services authorized for these state-funded organizations, which limit the services provided by home health aides.

Independent Caregivers


Independent caregivers provide home care services without working for a home care agency. They may be friends or family members of the person receiving care, or they may be professionals who have been trained in providing senior care. Independent caregivers typically charge by the hour, and prices vary depending on the home health care services provided and the region where you live.

One advantage of using an independent caregiver is that you may find someone already familiar with your loved one, making the transition to home care easier. In addition, independent caregivers typically have more flexible schedules than those employed by home care agencies. Therefore this can be beneficial if your loved one needs care at odd hours or short notice.


However, there are some disadvantages to hiring an independent caregiver. First, you will need to screen and background checks them yourself to ensure your loved one’s safety.

In addition to hiring and managing the caregivers. Second, if your caregiver becomes ill or needs to take a vacation, you will need to find a replacement yourself. Finally, independent caregivers may not have as much experience or training, resulting in poor quality of care.


Deciding whether to use a home care agency or an independent caregiver can be difficult. Ultimately, the choice depends on your individual needs and preferences.

If you are considering hiring a home care agency or an independent caregiver for a loved one, be sure to consult with a local home health agency first. They will help you assess your needs and find the right solution for your family.

Our Promise to You

Home Care Powered by AUAF provides every family we serve with a custom care plan (Plan of Care) specific to their needs. The plan is custom-made to help with the activities of daily living. The elderly get to retain their independence, unlike in care facilities.

Our aged care aides can help with routine activities like personal care, grooming, and lighthouse keeping. Caregivers are flexible and will work to meet varied needs based on the care recipient. This gives you peace of mind to continue doing the things you enjoy in the comfort of your surroundings.

If you’re still unsure whether Home Care Powered by AUAF is the right service for you, learn more about the eldercare services we offer and schedule a free consultation.

Our core mission is to ensure our clients’ healthy lifestyles and well-being. Call us today at 877-947-2685 and ask how Home Care Powered by AUAF can assist you or your loved one.

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